Blockchain Powered Certification and Verification

True API TrueAPI is an Enterprise-grade Blockchain-powered Data Integrity solution. Our products, APIs and services enable businesses (fintech, legal, healthcare, insurance, real-estate, AI and data analytics, autonomous cars) to securely capture, store and authenticate a tamper-proof provenance of digital data in their apps, platforms, systems, products, transactions and business processes. This helps them detect data tampering, reduce fraud and operational costs and prove data integrity to their business partners and auditors.
Proof of Existence An immutable and timestamped record of your creative content.
Tamper-Proof Credentials TrueCerts provides a platform for universities, schools and life-long learning companies to issue tamper-proof academic credentials and digital certificates securely and efficiently on the blockchain. The learners own their credentials, which can be verified instantaneously on the blockchain without any intermediary.